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Come join us for some good old fashioned Enemy Territory frag sessions. Our servers are BOT free, outside of a couple of us who behave like bots. Friday night frag parties are hosted at the customs server.

Spawnkilling Rules & Server IPs are located at the Servers Page!

Latest News


8-21-2017 - The donations list (on the left), has been updated!

A sincere thanks to all who have contributed to help keep the servers and this community alive & rocking. We very much appreciate it.



8-12-2017 - Promotions are up at the Member's Page!

Also, congrats to our newest officer, BaC0N! His brain has been teleported to the Officers Club - rest of him to follow!

Congrats to all!


4-15-2017 - Welcome to our newest member, SpaceAge_Pimp!


4-8-2017 - Welcome to our newest member, Torbuck!


6-18-2016 - Welcome to our newest member, Tonofclay!!


6-18-2016 - Welcome to our newest member, Boca!!


3-1-2016 - Welcome to our newest member, hoff!


10-24-2015 - Welcome to our newest member, Relevence!


08-01-2015 - Welcome to our newest member, and one of our old friends, Doku!


2015 Tournament information is posted in the General forums!

As 2014 comes to a close, QAW would like to thank everyone who stopped by the server and fragged a few maps. We hope to have a few new announcements in 2015!
Happy New Year everyone!


10-18-2014 We have moved to a new server! Come and join us on Originals at


07-07-2014 Cowboy isn't the only one raising a celebration glass....Jump to the Member's Page for the promotions!


07-05-2014 - Welcome to the newest member, Cowboy!


12-17-2013 - Stripes are in the stockings this Christmas! Take look at the Member's Page for the good news. Congrats to all!


10-12-2013 - Welcome to the newest member, Solex!


8-03-2013 - Belated Welcome to our newest member, Oz!!! I totally thought I put this up back in November!! V583!

Promotions are up, with a new Officer getting the key to the "secret restroom". Welcome SCOUT to the Officers CluB!!!!


9-23-2012 - Welcome to our newest member,H0neY!!!


7-21-2012 - Welcome to our newest member, AL!!!


6-30-2012 - Congratulations to our 2012 Jones-De Nardin Cup winners, nP!!!


6-6-2012 - We are currently in the process of moving our servers to new hosting, and new IPs. Originals is already running at Customs will be up within a day or two.

We will also be announcing the official info for the 2012 Jones-De Nardin Cup within the next day or two!


5-26-2012 - Welcome to our newest member, Mungos!!


3-31-2012 - We are back after a break to have a baby! Donations are updated from October through today. We have a couple donations we were unable to match to names from the server/forums, so if you donated during this time and dont see your name, get ahold of Aelfwen or Zohar on the forums to get added to the list!


10-17-2011 - Lots of news updates today, so lets get right to it!

Aelfwen and Zohar are happy to annouce that we are pregnant with our first child! We are very excited for our new little recuit to show up, which should be sometimes around March 20th of 2012.

This development has bought some changes with it. The dedicated QAW server that has been with us since 2006 will be retired at the end of this month, and we will be running our servers on Hypernia hosted and managed servers. We hope to transition to the newest ETpub version within a short time as well. The IP addresses for the new servers are:

QAW Original Maps -
QAW Custom Maps -

These servers will be up shortly, and the current servers will go down on the first of November.

Donations are updated through September! As always, we greatly appreciate and humbly thank all of those who help us keep the servers alive! \o/ \o/


7-15-2011 - New promotions up today! Welcome to the Officers club Bone!

6-1-2011 - We have permanently retired the venerable SplatterLadder server monitors, since it doesnt look like they are coming back. I have replaced them with the fancy shiny new GameTracker monitors, which also keep track of player stats. We will see how they work out... Let us know what you think on the QAW Forums!

Donations for March through May are updated as well! Have a look at the list and say THANKS to the people who keep us running! \o/ huzzah! \o/


4-2-2011 - Welcome to our newest member, Dire.Wolf!!

2-28-2011 - Donations are FINALLY updated! You may notice a few people listed more than once - they have donated as many times as they are listed since November. Thanks to everyone who helps keep us running! :D

12-28-2010 - Welcome to our newest member, Porridge!

Promotions are also up! Check it out on the Members Page!

Congratulations to our newest Officer, Bluey!

10-09-2010 - We would like to welcome the newest member of the QAW family - THERION!!! ˇFelicitaciones compadre!

The tryout was BRUTAL.

09-22-2010 - All news from past years has been properly archived and the site is slowly being brought up to date. Thank you for your patience and we hope to see you on the server!

09-21-2010 - Promotions are in! Congratulations to those that have made the cut! Also, several members that are currently on classified assignments have been moved to the AFK Reserve. Could this mean that recruitment is just around the corner? Only time will tell!

06-05-2010 - Welcome to our newest member, Sloniu!!1!

03-27-2010 - Welcome to our newest member, .Schle*!!








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